About Us
Bessert & Associates LLC is an independent agency and consulting firm based in Indianapolis. We specialize in all forms of group employee benefits, offering strategies for employers who are seeking unbiased recommendations on quality coverage in a cost-efficient manner. Established in 1986, Bessert & Associates LLC strives to offer you a wide array of products and services to help you take control of your group's benefit plan costs. We provide outstanding customer service, ongoing benefit analysis, and competitive strategies for maximizing your employee benefit plan dollars. 
Bessert & Associates LLC can assist you in accomplishing your goals and objectives, while balancing this with the expectations of your employees.
Bessert & Associates LLC
P:  317-917-3121
F:  317-917-8004
Toll Free:  800-755-0532

429 East Vermont Street, Suite 304 Indianapolis, IN  46202


Bessert & Associates LLC is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise (M/WBE)